Friday, December 9, 2011

Rainy Days Never Get Me Down.

In September I reflected on diversity when visiting the Amish community near Berlin Ohio.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful visit.  You can read about it HERE in my blog, Beyond My Garden but today's entry is different.  For one thing, it was rainy - very rainy.
Through a soupy fog that filtered our vision, newly formed corn shocks marched across stubbly golden fields.
Amber triangles resemble "Ewok" homes from the Star Wars movies. Each shock was assembled with skill and resources that do not come from OPEC members, 
though this "horsepower" does produce a few greenhouse gasses.
You remember that I mentioned that it was very rainy, right?
It was much easier to see the buggies equipped with safety lights.
We left the interstate at Dover Ohio and drove to Kidron to do a little Christmas shopping in Lehman's Non-Electric store.
Yes, it rained . . . all day.  Yes, we got wet . . . several times.
But our windshield wipers worked, we didn't melt and the road ahead was straight and clear.
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Sandra said...

still beautiful even wet. i like the horse a lot and the buggy's. and the last road looks like one i used to live on in KY and one hubby lived on in PA

Karen said...

The Amish have something I don't, perseverance. Though I grew up shocking corn (yes, I'm that old and we were that backward at farming) I wouldn't want to do it today. I'm just not that ambitious any more.

Love the photos, took me back to a much more innocent time.

Rose said...

I really like all these shots...I like rainy weather in small doses!

Joyful said...

I love all these photos. They are fabulous!