Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back to Tahoe

In Darkness we are rolling across pavement away from home toward our children.  We share the road with only a few trucks. Even truck drivers are asleep, their trucks filling rest stops and lined up on exit ramps. 
We chose to cover familiar landscape in darkness. Morning will find us crossing new land as we head West. 
What is is store? What visions await us? Hopefully no troubles.  Our first gas fill-up is depressing. This U-Haul truck got nine miles to the gallon. We are moving the innards of a house across the country - delivering a home. In our truck we carry Grandma’s sheets & towels, Great-Grandma’s cookware, Aunt Mary’s furniture and Lisa’s passed down school supplies. This truck is loaded with love. 
Through the days ahead I’ll post updates on our trip, both the interesting and the mundane but for now, the music is great, the traffic is low and the smell of chocolate chip cookies fills our cab.  With the rising sun still far behind us we drive on, due west all the way to Reno. 

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