Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ohio to Omaha

If you read the last post then you know that this day started in the dark.  2:00 am, Thursday morning, was when we started.  Daylight came in Indiana. For a mountain girl, Indiana is awful flat.  The interstate is built up above the surrounding fields. For  a girl (yes, I will stick with that fantasy, "girl.") from the hills and hollows of West Virginia, those fields were large. Very large.  
Field followed field. Each was as brown and sterile as the last one.  The best part was the hedge rows along the edge of the interstate.
With colors fit for Monet, the border smiled pastel pinks from Redbud and Crabapple trees, pale green offered by Wild olive bushes and scattered white from Hawthorn and Osage orange trees.
More surprising were the tree nurseries growing right along the interstate.  I have left these photos as I saw them, with blurry foreground or guard rails and cars whizzing past and often with the oversize UHaul mirror in our way. (Remember you are traveling along with us.) 
My favorite were the Redbud trees . . . 
. . . peeking upon the road as we flew by.
Next stop, Illinois, then Iowa. For now, more than 800 miles from Waverly and twenty-one hours later, it is time to sleep.

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