Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sailing the Lake

A beautiful crisp clear sunny day, family and friends and a large catamaran. What could be better.  We loaded the large double-hulled sailboat, climbed to the front (yes, I should say bow) and situated ourselves on the trampoline and relaxed as the Hyatt's boat and crew set sail with its thirty passengers.

We motored west until out of the congestion around dock then the crew set the sails.  The wind billowed the sails as it propelled us forward toward the west shore of Lake Tahoe.
We skimmed the surface bounding over breeze-driven white caps enjoying each others' company as we floated by large homes nestled into the shoreline.  Each home had its own characteristic some hidden among the rocks while others stood out seeking attention, dark against the gray granite rocks.

The sun glistened on the water as ski boats crossed our wake while their occupants smiled with pleasure at the speed. We returned waves as they circled back again their motor spinning the water into a pale blue, the color of my father's eyes.
Before long members of the crew drifted among us offering plates of fruit. We chose watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple and honeydew while drinking white wine or light beer. Later, trays of cheese and crackers were offered then more fruit.
Th sun sparkled on the lake surface as we sailed around a point of land darkened with tall firs and pines growing between the granite boulders.
I lay my head back on my bunched up towel and soaked in the mountain sun while I enjoyed this last weekend of summer. Many lakeside residents had the same idea as they took advantage of the warm September day to enjoy the water one last time before the Sierra winter arrived.
Our trip finally drew to a close. The crew lowered the sails as we headed toward the dock with its anchored speed boats, lake boarders and a few brave swimmers.  The beach awaited us as we disembarked onto the dock subdued as we walked across the sand past the tan beach umbrellas to our cars. The sun and wind left their mark on our faces and the day marked our memories. It was a good way to spend the day.


mary said...

Your father's eyes?

mary said...

I love the sailing pictures! Did they have a winch that could get me on the boat?