Monday, September 6, 2010

Desert Flora

Life has a persistent way of living.
It is a wonder that anything can find a way to live in the deserts of the world but it does.
Some plants make it through their life cycle with very little water 
growing amid rocks heated by an unremitting sun.
These plants seek out slight depressions in the desert plane, taking root, waiting patiently for water to wash over their roots.
Some plants seem to group themselves together for company in a seemingly random spot under a large sky whose radiance quickly retrieves what little moisture it bestows.
Some plants develop unique forms for survival.
assuring that grazing animals will think twice before taking a bite.
Others impress us with their colorful beauty growing solitary among the rock scrabble.
The desert is not empty.
Only my ignorance causes me to miss the life that insists on living


Naturedigital said...

The desert has its own unique beauty.

NCmountainwoman said...

It truly is amazing. Nice photographs.