Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hoover Dam

How do you harness the energy of a wild child? The child that wanders around poking into every crevice often getting into mischief as it wanders, sometimes moving along calmly, others running and tumbling out of control.
A child like this shows us how to live freely, how to ignore the restrictions others put upon us.  Is there a way slow down some of the recklessness? To use contain that energy to that the child's potential changes?
It would take some type of genius to architect this change, to build upon the gifts of the wanderer, to settle her down, convince him to behave the way we deem appropriate.
Once we have molded our wild child into a form that better suits society, he will please many people, providing a more calm environment as others drink in the peace surrounding this new being. 
But there remains a question . . .Is this still the same child . . . or is it even a child at all? 
Have we perhaps turned it into something altogether different . . . something that better suits our vision of the world? Have we lost something when we harnessed that energy to hide the true nature of the child.
Could she have taught us something in her untamed meanderings, shown us a different side of ourselves? Or was he just to much out of control for the world we live in? Was it necessary to diffuse that energy into a power more useful to society? Will we ever know what we have lost or what we have gained?

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