Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dalhart to Farmington: Day 3

From Dalhart we chose to drive to Taos, New Mexico,  an old mountain town turned upscale artist colony.
the trip was beautiful. we drove through grasslands and mountain passes. 
We passed many ranches with corrals build against the mountains.
Not too far outside Taos, we found an abandoned, long, log home with an adobe cellar dug into the hill.  As we pulled to a stop along the side of the road to view it better, I noticed a little animal disappear into the hillside. Then another. And another.  They were prairie dogs up there on that mountain, seemingly far from the prairie.  They had holes riddled into the bank around the abandoned home.
I never did catch a picture of the cute rodents, so I hope you will be content with these photographs of the once complete homestead.

adobe cellar with log shed behind

close-up of adobe bricks
Now, I am too sleepy to go on.  I will write about Taos tomorrow.

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