Monday, December 5, 2011

Log House Restaurant

Log House Restaurant in downtown 
Wytheville Virginia is a unique place to eat and visit.  Part of what makes it interesting is its history.  The original building was built in 1776.  It was added onto through those early years and in the more recent past. The cabin is rustic as is the restaurant and bar but both are interesting and a great place to stop. 
Jeff and I have stopped her twice while in-between those stops I took my mother for lunch on our way to Charlottesville Virginia. 
This is a perfect spot for lunch after leaving Charleston, WV just after a light breakfast. 
The most important thing you need to remember is to explore the buildings and grounds before you drive on down the road.  
The main dining room is small. The size of a large living room, it is set with a couple booths and tables. Lighting is low.
The dark floor planks have a rich patina that can only come with years of use. They are uneven and beautiful. Each area of the building uses a different flooring. One hallway has brick . . .
while another is glossy cement marked by horseshoes.
The ambience is free-spirited and original . . .
. . .with a somewhat random feel . . .
. . . and filled with unique architectural features.

Each labyrinth-like turn gives the curious wanderer a new tableau, often half-hidden in mysterious combinations of shadow and light.

No corner is lonely for each contains a planter overflowing with greenery or a pale pumpkin covered in a thin layer of dust or perhaps even a forgotten piece of art such as wrought iron or pottery.

Following the crooked hallways will take you to a room which serves the bar or private parties. This once, may have  been a springhouse. With open windows and a ceiling reaching up in its center the room feels like a gazebo that failed to retain its independence, choosing instead, to join the main house. 
The dim, shadowy bar, itself is fills your nose with the unmistakeable aroma of past lagers and ales.
Throughout the rooms and hallways are windows to the garden area.These are windows like few others.  But more about them tomorrow.  I hope you will come back then for more of the Log House Restaurant.

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Karen said...

Oh, just like being there! What an amazing restaurant. Love the horseshoe floor, that must have taken a long time. Can't wait to see the windows.

Andrea said...

I like the spots and corners you chose to photograph for us, although we can't see the expanse of the room. But i love most your parting words "thanks my blogging habit". I love that.