Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wyoming Bound

Slowly the landscape outside our windows changed.  We began to climb out of Nebraska
Corn fields were interspersed with hay fields. We continued to climb until we reached Sidney Nebraska.
Sidney is in Cheyenne County, Nebraska, just a few miles north of Colorado and one county away from Wyoming.  Sidney is also the Corporate headquarters of Cabela's.  The headquarters was accompanied by a store which, like other Cabela's stores was huge.  In case you aren't familiar with Cabela's, it is a store to buy anything you might use outdoors, particularly hunting and camping supplies.  Most Cabela's have displays of large game animals.  I went to one in Wheeling, West Virginia that had a large White-tailed deer exhibit (stuffed - I bet Ole from Ole's Big Game Steakhouse would enjoy the stuffed exhibits at Cabela's)  This particular store with the Corporate headquarters were out in the middle of empty cattle country.  Probably due to Cabela's there were a couple large chain motels and restaurants in Sidney's which otherwise seemed to be a cattle/farm community.
We passed Sidney by while outside the landscape was turning into cowboy scenery. These were the rock formations form television Westerns.  While we were still in Nebraska, It looked more like Wyoming to me.
Only 94 miles to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  the wind picked up as we slowly climbed
Irrigation turned barren brown  low hills into squares of green.
Hills of rough boulders rose out of golden flat fields. A coyote loped across a drainage ditch.  We drove onward.
The wind picked up. Coyote country drew us westward.
Kimball Nebraska is close to forty miles from the Wyoming state line. Here we stopped to change drivers.
As we approached the Wyoming line, we saw more and more oil and gas wells.
 I remembered Wyoming is claimed as home for Dick Cheney, the ex Vice President of the United states who, recently, received a new heart

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