Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ole's Big Game Steakhouse

Paxton is an empty town in the middle of oil and cattle country, Nebraska.  It is in the Platte River basin.  When I looked up where to eat on my Android phone, I saw Ole's Big Game Steakhouse and went to look at its web page.  The restaurant looked pretty nice.  It wasn't bad, but looks are deceiving.
Yes, it was right about Big Game. Ole's is in the middle of a small empty town but from the looks of the place I expect that it fills up at night when the ranchers and oil riggers. Either Ole or someone in Ole's family did a lot of "hunting" in africa.  There are a lot of dead animals on the walls.  This one above is a vicious herbivore, I think.  Seems a bit like hunting cows.  But, I guess I don't know.  I've never met one face to face - well,  not counting this face.
 Alright, I admit this guy is scary.  At least before he was killed and put on a restaurant wall.  There was also a giraffe (who kills a giraffe?) a polar bear and every other type of animal that could possible be shot dead.  It was a bit  freaky to me sitting there with these animals looking at me.  The food was alright, not bad but not good.  There was a beautiful bar at one end of the building. It had a full-length table shuffleboard game. I bet it would be interesting on Friday night to visit the bar and restaurant. Probably,  if you have been to Ole's often you don't even notice all those eyes.
This elephant came way out over and beyond a table.

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Andrea said...

A fun post! I wonder how they were able to preserve those heads, to still look alive even at your photos. They really look like staring at you, scary!