Friday, June 22, 2012

Last night we slept in our daughter's new apartment. It was very empty but she had made up nice "beds"- mattresses on the floor- for us. Morning brought us a clear Sierra sunrise. Note the "D" for Douglas County on the hillside.
There are very few more photographs from this day because shortly after this one was taken we started emptying the U-Haul truck. We had been storing the fillings of a three-bedroom apartment. We now moved it upstairs into her new three-bedroom apartment. We had a pretty good system.  I was in the truck unstacking and moving each box or piece of furniture to the edge of the truck. Jeff then carried it to the bottom of the stairs and our son, Jesse and Mary with their much younger knees and backs carried everything upstairs. 
     I, then started unpacking while they took the truck to pick up a couch and love seat that someone had generously given her.  Yes, those pieces had to be carried up all the steps.  (I would grow very tired of those steps.)
     Mary and I next emptied all her kitchen supplies. After a very, very long day. she had almost everything unpacked and looking like "home."
She just wouldn't stop
Mary wasn't the only one with a new home.  Right outside my bedroom window were Cliff swallows.  I over-exposed the photo so that you may see inside.
Just over my window, above my eye sight, some pigeons roosted. From that spot they made pre-dawn gurgling noises that served as my vacation alarm clock.
Tomorrow, Mary goes to work, Jesse returns up the mountain to Tahoe and Jeff and I drive to one our favorite places Genoa, Nevada.

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