Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day's End

 After a long windy day fighting our way across Utah and Nevada we were ready to enjoy a windless evening.
As a West Virginian, I am still I will never get used to the long sunsets of the flat lands.
Here, the sun evidently sees no reason to hurry.
It has plenty of time to artistically illuminate the clouds,
lay a bright finger upon a distant hill,
or to use a silhouette to remind us of the beauty of a naked tree.
Even the "golden arches" are pretty in the right light.
Light grabs the sky and holds on tightly.
A last successful attempt at romanticism
then with a last radiating burst our sun made its exit.
and we answered our children's texts with
"Soon. We'll be there very soon."

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Bonnie Story said...

Wow, what glorious photos!!! Really beautiful moments.