Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Out the Window

The world passed by, changing rapidly as we made our way to Nevada
 Between Cheyenne & Laramie Wyoming we passed very close to Buford Wyoming.
I was driving while Jeff held the camera.  He was thinking fast when he quickly took this shot. It was surprising when we saw that he even got the Interstate 80 mile marker.  It is interesting that once we had reached Reno, Jeff bought a newspaper which included a short story on Buford.  For one thing it claims to be the smallest town in the United States.  For another, it was for sale. According to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle the town did sell.  At auction it brought a price of $900,000.00, bought by a couple  men from Vietnam.
We were especially interested in the train tracks since we would be  returning east by Amtrak.  This particular train, below was long, full of containers from the west coast and Asia heading for population centers in the eastern United States.
Sites like these  were what I always hoped for.
Some artist had a whimsical side.
President Lincoln greeted us at near Laramie Wyoming.  The two-ton head sits atop a 30-foot granite pedestal at close to 8600 feet above sea level. 
Day's end found us STILL in Wyoming but it offered us a heck of a sunset.
 It slowly went from platinum
to amber, gold,
highlighted and darkening to black.
For now, good-night.  I'll see you tomorrow from Utah!

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