Friday, May 4, 2012

Changing Landscapes

At the end of my last post I told you that that was the end of Wyoming.  Well. I was wrong,  As I look over my photographs, I see that Wyoming is much farther across than I remember.  
Our next morning found us in in a land that changed attitude with every turn of the road.  Small communities rose off a sage brush floor in the shade of sheer cliffs and guarded by adamant rock formations.

Are they, "bluffs?" I asked. "Is that a butte?" Ever since grade school geography I have mixed up bluffs, buttes, and mesas.  I think I have it now, but I'm still not sure when there is a big butte or a small mesa (yes, I know I said "big butte.")
In the morning, we packed our small bags into the U-Haul then continued West.
For you Westerners, I know it is no big deal, but for an Easterner like me, I never quite get used to seeing distant snow-capped mountains.
And that is why I have to keep showing you Wyoming even if you think you are ready for Utah.  You are traveling with me.  Like you, I was ready to be in Utah but I also needed to be sure to enjoy where I was at the time I was there. We stopped seldom, but we enjoyed what we saw. We appreciated the strange landscape.
We enjoyed seeing what, to others is common.
The wonder of it sometimes left us speechless as we both watched a scene fly by.  
At those moments, we watched, we smiled and we rode on by.

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