Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wall Drug

What a drag - Wall Drug.  I did promise an entry on this particular "bad land"  The self-proliferating myth to travelers through the Midwest is that you MUST visit Wall Drug.  Well, I, for one, do not like to be left out. I didn't want to be someone who SHOULD have seen Wall Drug.  Besides, I thought it must be a great place because I saw it on a billboard.  What is the plural of billboard?

I was not at all disappointed. Perhaps my expectations are set too high.  How could I not be won over by this adorable jack-a-lope?  If Jeff had been nearby I could have had my picture taken living dangerously by sitting atop his saddle.  (and, yes, I would have done it.)
Now, you must realize that I am NOT a shopper. I am not against spending money; not even against buying silly stuff. I am sure that some of my stuff looks pretty bad to other people.
But please, not shoulder-to-shoulder and not with so many shoulders.  I know I must be in the minority because I saw lots of smiles.  I saw many of those smiles lined up behind other smiles all in line to buy a badge that said, "Wall Drug."
Believe me, I have utmost respect for the dear old couple who came up with the idea to sell this  place to drivers scattered throughout the Dakotas and surrounding states.
I am not going to say that nothing there interested me.  I kinda liked this guy . . .
but I'm thinking that he had stood in line too long.  He was looking kinda stiff.
Before you start to jump all over my case, I will admit that there were some interesting things on the shelves. There was some pretty jewelry, nice carvings, cute toys.  One ironwood carving of a buffalo (Yeah, yeah, American Bison . . . Whatever.) caught my eye. It also caught my eye in New Mexico for a third of what was now in my eye.
The photos were interesting as were the models depicting life of pioneers of a bygone era.  But again, I must mention the crowds.
There was even an Indian store that sold genuine American Indian articles straight off a Hollywood film set manufactured by real people.

Okay, I sound a bit too cynical.  Even I hear it. I admit, I am a shopping wimp.  I like people, I really do. I just don't want to shop with them-not all at once.

At one point I felt overwhelmed and tried to find Jeff.  He was nowhere that I looked. I really wanted my photo taken on that jack-a-lope.  I tried to call him on his cell phone, but there was no answer.  I was beginning to believe that he was hiding from me, letting me steep in the panic that was rising along with the whelming tide of tourists armed with belly packs and Reebocks.
Was he avoiding my company? 
Was it my imagination? Where could he be?  

Maybe outside enjoying some "Western Hospitality."
Finally I found him and together we escaped strolled outside and down the sidewalk.
Parking lots were full as were the sidewalks and the stores.  Some stores were closed because this was after the main tourist season.  I was so very sorry to have missed a chance to be there at the peak of the season.
Out in the fresh air, we encountered some strange tourists.  Actually they were my favorite part of Wall Drug.

This little lady was dressed up fine as was her friend.

 It was time to say, "Good-bye."
Oh how I would miss it.
Now go ahead, all you Wall Drug lovers.
You may now start throwing fried cake doughnuts at me.
I can take it.

I've been to Wall Drug!!

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mary said...

I think I will give it a miss. Thanks for the warning.