Friday, August 27, 2010

DAY 1: Waverly to Curuthers, Arkansas

Well, we have started.  We are actually on our way west. At our first break - Huntington WV rest stop - Jeff and I studied the map so that he could show me today’s expected route. We are going to cross the Mississippi River.  That is worth re writing - the Mi doubbleS i doubbleS i pp i River.  I’ve flown over it a couple times, but for most of my life the mighty river has only been a major character in a Mark Twain novel.  I won’t be able to help myself.  When we cross I’ll be looking out the window for that famous log raft.  I’ll unroll the window to catch the faint sound of calliope notes drifting up off the river from a paddlewheel boat.  
I say “expected” route because anything can happen. We might decide at any moment to change directions, pick another road while still continuing in a generally westerly direction.   We’ll leave he interstate often though maybe not these first two days. 
A few butterflies have taken flight in my belly as I contemplate the journey ahead.  
Our Dodge Ram Starflight camper is packed tightly, each space efficiently packed with what we each deemed necessary for a month of life on the road. It will be interesting to see what we actually use and what we miss.  Our tiny refrigerator contains water, bologna, cheese, eggs, condiments, and chocolate chip cookies donated to the cause by my mother-in-law, Martha. They won’t last long. 
Momentarily I think of of home, the fields and blooms we’ve left behind along with the mowing and weeding.  Thanks Bob and Kasey for taking care of the house for us.  Enjoy that front porch while we are gone. 

Tomorrow I' write of today's adventures, including an emotional trip across the Mississippi.
I hope some of you will enjoy riding along with us on our trip, Jeff and I will enjoy your company.


Susan said...

Nelle - Have you been to Tahoe before? Where do you plan to end up there? It's SO beautiful; having said that, I've only seen it in the winter, so that's my idea what it looks like and I think it's fabulous then. Everything is so white and the lake so blue.

Enjoy your ride over the Mississippi. It is quite the river. For a brief period of time I lived near St. Louis, and spent some spare time driving around looking at the tiny bluff communities. Some had incredible old homes originally built for the families of riverboat captains. It was in one of those bluff towns I saw an enormous great dane wearing a zip front hoody sweatshirt. Funny what the mind remembers.....

Enjoy your trip. Keep us posted via FB. And, do let me know if you see anything fun, like a great dane in a sweatshirt. I love to travel, and when I can't travel, it's wonderful to do it vicariously through someone else. Thanks for taking me along!!

Beyond The Garden said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Susan, I am getting ready to post my trip across the river, It was not a proud moment. We went to Tahoe in May a few years ago and had snow the same day we were without a jacket. We will end up at Incline Village NV visiting our daughter, son and daughter-in-law. I love your great dane story. The image is now part of my memory also.